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Welcome to Donald Ross FeelGolf School

Simplest Method In the World : Improvement Guaranteed

Some Make Simple Things : We Make Things Simple

Learn The Five Simple Steps Making FeelGolf The Most Natural Method In The World

Feel It & Believe It

Meet Donald Ross

The Creator of the "FeelGolf" Teaching Method

The first thing you should know about me is that I am still as passionate about golf today as when I turned professional at the beginning of the 1960’s. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood.
In that time I have personally taught over 100,000 players of all abilities, in various languages from all corners of the globe. Perhaps what drives me is my disliking of the way that golf is taught to most to be an unnatural process, a contrived set of mechanical instructions used by profiteers to extort your cash.
I believe that Golf is a sport to played naturally relying on ‘feel & touch’  and not with robotic rigid movements. Golf should be a pain-free, extension of each individual’s expression and that’s the way I teach it.


FeelGolf Clinic Everyday

Join the Donald Ross FeelGolf School on the Driving Range at A NEW VENUE TBA. WATCH THIS SPACE

Every Monday @ 10 am

              Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:30 am

Wednesday and Friday @ 2:00 pm

Saturday  and Sunday @ 9 am

Times and prices are subject to change.

Ask for details


Enjoy our FeelGolf Clinic and derive the benefits of our "FeelGolf" Teaching method.

Learn and improve with the 5 steps!

  Group Therapy 



    Limited to 10 persons


Feel It & Believe It

Clinics are Open to all visitors to aruba.
ALL Are Welcome,from beginners to tour pros.


Visual Collection

"I have taught my ways to over 100,000 golfers worldwide on a ‘one-to-one’ basis, and many thousands more in group sessions for society and corporate clients. I have been invited to teach at golfing seminars and exhibitions across the globe.

Donald Ross FeelGolf School

The Truth

If you are tired of every one telling you what you’re doing wrong with your swing, practicing and practicing and still not reducing your handicap.

Come and get the answers from professionals who have been there, done that, and have more than 80 years of experience between them in European Tour, National Tours and Ladies European Tour playing.

Teaching, all levels of players from complete beginners though all handicap levels to and including Tournament players also Lecturing, Public Exhibition and Show teaching Group therapy and Corporate day entertaining.

We specialize in Quality not Quantity of classes and guarantee that with our help YOU WILL REDUCE YOUR HANDICAP.

We have numerous learning programs to help you both individual and groups.

Our office is in The Learning Center.

Drop in and improve or contact us by using the button below.


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"FeelGolf" with Donald Ross

Video Download

A freshly different approach to golf learning

My Feelgolf with Donald Ross video will change your conception as to the difficulty of golf.

Feelgolf: - simple to understand - easy to learn

Buy now for $20 for download to feel it and believe it.

Donald Ross Spotlight

Take 3 lessons with us and We guarantee to put you on the path to reduce your handicap by a minimum of 25%

Improvement Guaranteed

Feel It & Believe It 

Latest News

Great day filming for Randy Tantlinger"s Golfing Around.

Check out his video 



Any project involving Don is well worth a visit. I knew him years ago and he turned me from good amateur to Challenge Tour player. I couldn't rate him highly enough.

Anthony Sheaff  PGA member.

I took my first lesson with Donald and I was a 17 handicap. After working with him only once my handicap dropped to a 12 in just a few months. I have never seen a pro simplify the game more then this one.Every golfer needs a feel golf lesson; it’s life changing

Andy Blair USA

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Donald Ross FeelGolf School


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