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31 Years of 'Don on the Bag'

In 1991, Donald first taught Angus Hunter at La Duquesa in the south coast of Spain.

At that time Donald Ross Feelgolf School resided at this prestigious golf club.

Angus, a very competitive 14 handicapper, was playing in a celebrity competition and had 'lost' his game. He was advised by a local golfer to 'go see Don, he can fix you'.

Not only did Donald fix Angus's golf for the competition, but gave him instruction for the entire of his golfing life.

In 1999 Angus purchased, one of the first copies, a memory jog, in a copy of 'Feelgolf with Don Ross' teaching video.

Since then any time he has needed help he has watched the video and said to his playing partners 'I have Don on the Bag'.

With the advent of the internet Donald and Angus kept in touch.

31 years later Donald and Angus enjoyed a round of golf at Eyemouth Golf Course on the Scottish borders.

Still to this day when Angus's golf takes a slips down he watches the Donald Ross Feelgolf School teaching download to get back on track and is ever thankful for having 'Don on the Bag' for 31 years!!

Donald Ross Feelgolf School teaching download is also available in English, Spanish and now, German however personal teaching is always preferable!!

Quite the challenging hole from the 'Tiger Tee Box'!

Breathtaking view of Eyemouth Golf Course

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